Do the backup.


If You'd like to know more about why this feature could be much helpful to You and how it works in more detail - You'll find a friendly introduction here.

The backup/restore feature in Handy News Reader currently includes:

  1. All Your content sources, including their arrangement in groups (if You use them).
  2. Your set of Favorites (articles to read later).
  3. All Your app's preferred settings.

You can either initiate the backup on demand at any given moment- or schedule it to be automatically initiated over a desired time span (e.g. every 6 hours). Regardless of which way You prefer, the backup file ("HandyNewsReader_auto_backup.opml") is always saved into the "feedex" folder within Your device's internal storage.

In order for it to be completely safe for any further use, it's worth to copy it to another, safe location (the place where You store various backup files, e.g. Google Drive).

If You want to backup HNR right now:

  1. Open either the "Unread", "All articles" or "Starred" list - and tap the three dots on the top right to open the menu.
  2. Choose "Create auto backup".

To schedule the automatic backup:

  1. 1.Open the app settings, go to "Advanced" and check "Enable automatic backup".
  2. 2.Then tap "Auto backup interval" and choose the time span You prefer for it to be automatically done.

If You want to restore Handy News Reader from the backup:

  1. Make sure that Handy News Reader is completely closed.
  2. Paste the backup file ("HandyNewsReader_auto_backup.opml") into the "feedex" folder within Your device's internal storage.
  3. Run the app - it should restore all Your data in few moments.

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