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Handy News Reader ver. 0.7.21 - Global FilterSometimes there are things of which You'd like to know as soon as they pop up within Your subscriptions- regardless of how many articles You've already browsed through.

One good example would be Google Play Store free offers - which usually require a quick action (regarding their time-limited character). In this case it wouldn't be a good idea just to wait for those posts for their turn to be read (among many others You've marked as "Favorites=Read It Later"). Here a notification on important articles could come in handy :) .

You can set it up easily as follows:

  1. Go to the app's settings (the gearwheel icon on the sidebar).
  2. Scroll down to the "Notification" group, then tap on "Global filter...".
  3. Check "Turn on", then "Rule's text". Enter the keywords identifying articles You wanna be informed of on Android notification bar (usually some common phrases used in their titles). Remember that each line represents a single rule - it may consist of a single word or a phrase.
  4. Enter as many rules as You need and confirm by "OK".
  5. If You're using regular expressions - check " a regular expression".
  6. Check "Apply to title or link address" (otherwise it will use articles' content to determine if You should be notified - but this may be much less effective in action).
  7. Go back to the app's main window (via the back button on the bottom of Your device).

From now on every time some important article pop up - You will receive a notification on Android bar. After tapping the notification the article will be displayed.

This feature will display up to three separate notifications (each leading to a particular article). If there will be more than 3 important articles - the notification will lead You to Your whole Favorites set.

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