Convenient reading.


Switching articles by volume buttons, "tap zones" and remembering the position of reading per article. All those features are fundamental in terms of usability: how easily and fluently You can use the app. I use volume buttons to switch next/prev articles - and combine it with tapping on top or bottom of the screen to scroll it up/downward. This way You can browse/read articles very easily and quickly - especially given that displayed articles are automatically marked as read. I find especially amazing that by tapping the top or the bottom area - it scrolls exactly the whole content of a single screen - no matter where I've scrolled it before.

Besides it's very convenient to have that ability to scroll the text exactly one page down/up - in case if You use volume buttons not to scroll, but to switch articles.

On top of that Handy remembers where You've stopped reading all the articles - which is also very helpful.

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