Full backup/restore.


Some time ago it was as follows:

Currently Handy automatically backup the feed list - and has a feature of sharing 'Favorites'. Those two can only partially cover the need of a backup - and they are no easy to use for average users (because 1) an average user won't even know that this backup is created somewhere on the device memory - and 2) not everybody invents that sharing 'Favorites' could act as a backup). It could be definitely great to have full backup/restore feature - which could be easy to find (in settings?) and use.

It could be something making Handy News Reader considerably standing out, if done in a way helping the user to a surprising extend: a really helpful backup/restore mechanism with which You can't tell if the app has been restored (so smooth the transition would be - see below).

Besides, it could be a significant advantage regarding the lack of a Feedly synchronization feature.

Now I'm happy to say that HNR has a much better backup/restore feature - I've described it in detail here. What remains to consider for this feature to cover:

  1. Status of reading (which articles are read, which not yet - and which are marked as starred/Read It Later - plus notification on Important Articles).
  2. Position of reading per article.
  3. Last viewed article.

User should have a choice where to backup/from where to restore the app's snapshot described above:

  1. Internal memory.
  2. External memory.
  3. Google Drive.
  4. FTP server.

In addition, it could be great to select the automatic backup interval - alongside with the ability to make it on demand.

Done :) .

It could be a good idea to consider synchronization mode which could backup and restore all the data (i.e. only what has been changed) automatically every xxx minutes (time span to adjust in settings) - this would be especially helpful for those who use more than one mobile device - to give users seamless, transparent usage of Handy on multiple devices (an ideal, desired effect should be not to feel that anything changed when You grab another device).

Handy should notify if any problems with accessing an FTP server occurs - as well as on successful synchronization.

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