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Handy News Reader ver. 0.7.21 - Global Filter"Killer feature": Important Articles (so far it is known as a filter "mark as starred/added to Favorites"). You may subscribe several RSS channels and browse them when You have some "spare time". It may be important for You to be up-to-date with all You find interesting (several matters represented by favorite RSS channels). As far as subscribed channels are concerned, among those You may find information which You consider high-priority (maybe it requires an urgent action/checking out/etc.). One example could be posts on time-limited offers: if You check RSS news only from time to time (e.g., during "spare-time-windows") - it's easy to miss any urgent info. But if You'd be notified right after that kind of high-priority info shows up (within Your update) - it could be a game-changer. In other words: regardless of how often You are able to check the (RSS) news - You no longer miss anything important.

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