Introduction: why You may be interested?


Probably You could point out websites - which You find worth (re)visiting to find out another interesting posts or articles. While there are plenty of blogs and other websites out there - as far as the layout is concerned, they are accordingly much different from each other. Therefore each time You want to check out the new content they provide - it requires to almost constantly switch Your attention between various bookmarks, tabs and layouts. Moreover, it isn't unlikely that Your favorite websites has been re-designed once for a while - and You are again in the need of figuring out where particular things are placed now.

Fortunately there is a way to browse the content You like in a much easier and distraction-free way (maintaining Your attention focused in one direction, without disturbances): using so-called "RSS reader".

RSS: (It is that) Really Simple Solution.
To put it simple, RSS is a way of delivering content directly to You, i.e. without a need to visit a bunch of websites You follow every time You wanna check them out. Using RSS those websites are - in a sense - "visiting You", by sending to You their new stuff (it is like a magazine subscription). Moreover, however many websites You subscribe - they are presented to You in a unified way, therefore creating a completely new - Your "Dream Magazine" :) . It consists of Your favorite content - and it is constantly up-to-date (so there are no "issues", but constant receiving new articles).

As You probably guess, this way is completely free of distractions/switching attention mentioned above. Moreover, it is much less time-consuming: no need to open several websites, just one click (or tap) and You see every new thing out of Your favorite set of sources. It also consumes much less data because the only thing which is loaded is an article = the actual content, not the whole layout around it. There are plenty of various data-consuming things on websites - which in case of RSS are not necessary.

Last but not least - My favorite advantage is that You can point out which articles You'd like to read later. My typical day with RSS is to quickly browse through articles' headers once or twice a day - choosing which ones I'd like to read having more time. And when that time arises - I just open My "Read It Later" box, relax and read what I like :) .

Sounds appealing? It is fantastic that this way You may follow (subscribe) almost any website You want - including blogs and even podcasts (! - yes, in fact You may subscribe the whole episodes delivered directly into Your device).

RSS - a little bit of nomenclature.
Since RSS is a kind of a geeky invention made decades ago ;) - it uses some geeky nomenclature. It is worth knowing what is all about - because various RSS apps love to use it to this day and it could be good to know what is what :) . Well, actually there aren't so much of nomenclature - because there is only one term to know of: a feed - or a channel :) . A feed or a channel is simply Your single source of content, i.e. a single website. Just it :) .

Another thing You need to know is how to obtain an RSS address of a website You are interested into. However, using Handy News Reader a sole website address often will be enough to go.

If not - however - then it still will be pretty easy to obtain an RSS address: in Chrome You may use a simple extension called Get RSS Feed URL .

Sometimes You may stumble upon other cases: websites which are not equipped with RSS. They will require some more effort to add them to Your "Dream Magazine" - but they are rather rare cases.

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