What type of a reader You are?


This feature could be useful in that it could give You a clear picture of how deeply You are engaged with "consuming the Internet" (posts and articles You read using Handy News Reader). This way it could also fit the Digital Wellbeing concept which gains more and more public attention.

With the help of this feature You could tell what part of Your Life does browsing and reading the Internet take?

Technically-wise the feature could consist of following statistics:

  • an average number of browsed (= read) articles per day/week/month/year,
  • an average number of articles marked as starred per day/week/month/year,
  • a relationship between those two numbers in percents (for example: "You are used to browse (on average) 732 articles per week, 41% of which You consider especially worth reading."),
  • which words are most often present within articles' headers (titles)? - per month and per year - this could be a way to render Your true interests over the time, something like Google Trends;

It could be presented in a little bit playful way - the feature could summarize the whole stats by one of those bottom lines ;) :

  • if more than XXX read articles per month:
    You are a news junkie!
    (I'll prepare a playful description.)
  • if between XXX and XXX read articles per month:
    You are in the know.
    (I'll prepare a playful description.)
  • if less than XXX read articles per month:
    You are a calm Jedi :)
    (I'll prepare a playful description.)

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