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This particular feature meets growing recognition of a need to gain more balance regarding our relationship with mobile devices. This way it could act as Your Personal Assistant, providing You with carefully tailored dose of new content so that You will never be overwhelmed by massive amount of new articles - and You will be always in control of how much time You spent on "catching up" or simply reading the news.

The feature could work like that:

  1. On the sidebar it would be represented by a special - tappable - header "Your Press Review". This header, however, could be present only if "the Press Review" feature is enabled in app's settings.
  2. In app's settings a user can define a limit of articles per a single set of Press Review and - if he or she would like to - may point out which feeds should be included, with a number of articles per feed.
    For example, You can set it up to include exactly 20 articles, not defining from which feeds they should be obtained. However, if You'd like to, You may specify that this 20-articles-set should consist - for example - of: 5 articles from the feed X, 5 articles from the feed Y, and 10 articles from the feed Z.
  3. Each time the set defined above is completed (i.e. reaching overall unread article limit) - "Your Press Review" header on the sidebar will be active (i.e. tappable). Otherwise it will be present, but not active (not tappable).
  4. If clicked/tapped - it should open the first article from the set and allow to switch articles, but only among those from the set. While switching articles they will be marked as read as usual.
  5. Back to our example of 20-articles-set: another (new) set will be created only when all articles from the previous set are already read.

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