If You’d like to use HNR in Your Own native language - and You are able to translate it from English - You are welcome to help: here You’ll find all You need to do the translation and keep it up-to-date.

Furthermore, if You like Our app and would like more people of Your Country to benefit from it, here You can translate the HNR website - which consists of several how-to’s, help instructions, and generally presents the app’s features in a way comprehensive for every user - not only “the techy one”.

What is important.

While translating, You will notice that there are many phrases which have additional elements within the text. Those elements are usually placed within angle brackets, it could look as follows:

...some text <em>to translate</em> whenever
You have some spare time...

Please keep those elements accordingly in place, regarding Your Own translation.

About this website translation.

First of all, thank You for Your will to translate the HNR website - thanks to which more people will be able to gain much more information on the HNR app - therefore they will benefit it more.


There is no deadline, so feel free to develop this translation whenever it is comfortable for You :) . Moreover, You can do it on Your Own pace: You can do how much You want at any time.

One thing You need to know is that there are two “levels” of this translation: the basic one and the extended one.

The basic translation covers all labels which are present on the website: menu, various headers, descriptions, and so on. All in all there is quite a piece of text to handle.

This basic level, however, may be enough for Your language version to go. It consists of following files:

  • Current

Another - extended level consists of articles I’ve written on Handy NR (several how-to’s, step-by-step instructions, news and so on). This is great amount of work to do, please decide by Yourself if You would like to translate those files too. It consists of all the files within following folders:

  • Features
  • Help
  • News
  • Tips &Tricks

How to do the translation?

  1. Choose the language You’d like to translate the website into.
  2. Choose the file You want to translate (see the description above).
  3. On the left You’ll see the whole text splitted into several parts. On the right - the first part for You to translate.
  4. Once You’ve translated this particular part - click “Save” button.
  5. Once You’ve done all the translations -once again click each part on the left and approve it by the “✔” sign under Your translation field. Thanks to this You should be notified every time something has been changed on the website.


If You want the HNR website in Your language be always up-to-date, pay attention to Crowdin notification emails - which should let You know whenever the website’s content has been updated.

Thank You for Your time and work,
Thomas Leigh

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