Handy look&feel to Your Own liking.


Here You are a bunch of things which You can tailor to Your Own liking, making Handy the way You prefer, therefore making Your reading more pleasant (and often more comfortable) :) .

You can adjust:

Within articles:

  • font size and color,
  • background color,
  • reading progress bar color and height,
  • footer clock font size, color and background,
  • hyperlinks color and underlining;

On article lists:

  • font size,
  • color of the read items' text and background;

Bonus - sound & vibration:

  • sound notification on Your content sources' update,
  • haptic feedback (vibration) on swipe;

Let's address each of these parts.

Within articles.

Font size, color and background:

  1. Settings ➜ Article's text ➜ Text size.
  2. Settings ➜ Common settings, check Custom colors and then tap on Text and background color.

Reading progress bar color and height:

  1. Settings ➜ Article's text, check Reading progress bar.
  2. Tap on Progress color.
  3. Tap on Progress bar height.

Footer clock font size, color and background:

  1. Settings ➜ Article's text, check Footer Clock.
  2. Tap on Text size of the Footer Clock.
  3. Tap on Clock color and background.

Hyperlinks color and underlining;

  1. Settings ➜ Article's text ➜ Link color and background.
  2. Settings ➜ Article's text ➜ Underline links.

On article lists.

Font size:

  1. Settings ➜ Articles' list ➜ Text size.

Read items' text and background color:

  1. Settings ➜ Articles' list ➜ Read articles.

Bonus: sound & vibration.

Sound notification on Your content sources' update:

  1. Settings ➜ Notifications & behavior, check Enable notifications.
  2. Tap on Ringtone.
  3. Tap on Vibrate.
  4. Tap on Light.

Haptic feedback (vibration) on swipe:

  1. Settings ➜ Advanced ➜ Vibrate on swipe.

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