This website is a kind of a "fanpage" dedicated to Handy News Reader - an Android app with the help of which You can be up-to-date with all Your interests - in a very convenient way: respecting Your Time as well as Your Inner Peace (it avoids switching attention and distractions which are so familiar today when You think of mobile devices).

I've created this website with the aim of letting You know that there is an app out there - which may come in handy and make a significant difference in Your life. If I'd be asked for its bottom line - I would tell that

staying in touch with all My Passions and Interests never has been so easy.

Users say:

1. How do You use RSS in general?

"I'm addicted to it. Mainly I follow other people's blog via RSS (a couple hundreds, used to be >1k). Sometimes I add a newspaper to it as well. But since the quality went down, I switched to blogs, where I know, that the content is opinionated.". (Ryuno-Ki )

"Mostly Technews - so Heise, Arstechnica, etc - during my commute to work". (Spleeeno)

"Newspapers: heise, golem, spiegel, sz, etc." (paulle)

"Newspaper: Freie Presse, n-tv, Der Postillion and some other feeds". (SIRSteiner)

"I heavily use RSS feeds every day. It is my primary source for keeping up with:
- a wide range of news and current affairs articles (local, national and international)
- my many interests (e.g. space/science, aviation, renewables/sustainability, tech, FOSS, anime and more)". (Tony)

"Reader for websites". (b16r05)

"Tech and newspaper sites". (xandro0777)

2. What features You find most appealing to You personally - and why?

"The ability to reduce everything to just the text. I can remove all the Icons in the article view, I can stop loading all the pictures in the articles themselves, so I can squeeze as much text as possible on my screen. Since I mostly use it on E-Ink Devices (YotaPhone and some Android Tablets) this is one of the few apps that I can tune to work perfectly with those kinds of displays". (Spleeeno)

"I've to repeat the comment of @Spleeeno 'The ability to reduce everything to just the text. I can remove all the Icons in the article view, I can stop loading all the pictures in the articles themselves.'". (paulle)

"Easy to use, automatic refresh and many useful settings". (SIRSteiner)

"- the ability to open a feed image in my gallery app and manage it like a photo (zoom, edit, share, etc.),
- UI - more options available using swipe/gestures,
- UX - ability to run gifs and videos (not available in my previous reader);" (Tony)

"URL ability to pull feeds from websites that don't offer a dedicated RSS/ATOM feed". (b16r05)

"Offline reading mode, full article pre-fetching". (xandro0777)


  1. Hello !
    Well,it seems that this app is a very promising one...
    Before download and test it,I would like to know if I have ti uninstall other news rss app (mine is AntennaPod). Thanks for your answer !

    1. You don't have to uninstall other RSS apps in order to use Handy News Reader - I would recommend You to leave those apps up und running as long as You will be testing HNR.

      In case You find HNR good enough to completely switch to it - it's a good idea to uninstall or at least disable any other RSS apps due to Your device performance (they won't be necessary then, so it could be a waste of resources to keep them running in the background).

      Feel free to ask any further questions.

      Kind regards,

  2. Thank you for your advice Thomas !
    I will test the HNR app so...!
    Best regards, M.Masquelin


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