Multiple functions for Volume Buttons.


Handy News Reader ver. 0.7.20 - Volume Buttons Funtion

Using various phones - and using them in different circumstances I've realized that there are times when I prefer using My phone in one way - and there are times when I'd rather use it slightly - or much - differently (meaning the very base way of using the phone: how You handle it in Your hand, in which hand, where are Your fingers located and what is most convenient to You given all of this).

So, keeping this in mind, I began to dream about Handy being able to meet My needs with all the flexibility. What actions I especially mean are:

  • switching between next and previous articles,
  • scrolling an article up- and downward;

Now I'm happy to say that Handy has already all the functionality needed - at least that part which I've found crucial (if You have any further idea how we could make this app even better in terms of convenience - let us know! :) ). We've achieved it by harnessing volume buttons into the everyday usage so that they can be used to switch or scroll articles.

As a result Handy has gained more flexibility and finally I can use it conveniently in various different circumstances.

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