Introducing "Remove from the Favorites when done".


Remove from the Favorites when done []

Your typical usage of Handy would consist of browsing articles and marking some of them as starred to read later. Then having more time You would read some of these articles directly out of Favorites. Unfortunately every time You've done reading an article - You need to remove it from Favorites (because now there is no need for it to be there).

It would be great to have an option in settings which could do it automatically - it would be much helpful for many users because probably many of us browse RSS in a similar way mentioned above.

This feature could remove a currently read article from Favorites the moment a user scroll it to its very end.

Recently we've just introduced this feature and You may enjoy it from now on :) . Just set it up (go to app's settings, Article text section - and tap Auto unstar when finish reading).

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