Choose an RSS feed.


Handy News Reader ver. 0.7.21 - Choose an RSS feed

One of really handy features of Handy News Reader is that it can detect if a website is equipped with an RSS feed (see Introduction: why You may be interested?) so that You don't need to know how to obtain a proper URL RSS address. The only thing You need is just to know what is the site address - that's it :) .

One (of many) interesting things about RSS is that a single website can provide more than one RSS - so-called - "feeds". For example, one of Your favorite website can organize articles into different sections - each of them may have its own RSS feed. Some websites provide a separate RSS for comments accompanying articles.

In case a website has multiple RSS feeds - Handy will show You all the choices to pick one You are interested in. If You'd like to subscribe more than one source (a feed) - You can repeat the procedure (more details here) for each feed.

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